Manifesto Launch – 30 pledges for a fairer Oldham


Oldham Labour Group today launched its “30 Pledges for a fairer Oldham” as it laid out its ambitious plan for the borough beyond the 2014 elections.

Labour currently hold 44 of the 60 seats on Oldham Council and approach the local elections in May with an impressive track record. Labour’s award winning Fairness campaigns ranging from Fair Fares (bus fares) and Fair Energy have been held up nationally as best practice with plans to take on high interest retailers through a new Fair Credit campaign and unfair employment through the Fair Employment campaign.

Labour members hear from panel speakers

Labour members hear from panel speakers

Highlights of the launch include;

  • Michael Meacher MP spoke at the launch on the need for a balanced economy and investment to create greater economic benefit.
  • David Heyes MP reviewed the governments approach to ‘Welfare Reform’ and called for a new language of ‘Entitlement’ as a move to end the sigma attached to those claiming benefits who increasingly feel they are under attack.
  • Debbie Abrahams MP discussed her work in tackling inequalities through the Oldham Fairness Commission and how the privatisation of the NHS by the current government was affecting patient care.
  • Cllr Jim McMahon launched the 2014 Manifesto by outlining the challenge ahead and calling a new kind of politics in Oldham which created an ‘Oldham solution for Oldham’ and the need to set the benchmark of fairness.